Posted by: Mad Lamb | 05/06/2012

What is faith?

Faith is a topic many approach with their own ideas what that means. Some have even insisted I must believe X or Y if I have faith. Through these blogs I hope to share what it means to me and, hopefully, address some of the misconceptions of faith.

Some may question what I mean by ‘Faith’. Is this same as religion or born-again Christianity?

I have always tended to veer away from these terms as, even more than ‘Faith’, they strike stereotypical images of over-zealous Jesus-freaks in people’s minds.

For the record, my understanding is religion is about a way of life focussed on a belief. This is something you express through various means and is not something you should inflict on others. If people feel it is something they would like to know more about or try from themselves then that is a tribute to how honourably you express your religion. Being over-zealous is seldom something that attracts others. Sadly it only ever appears to attract others if it gives them a chance to undermine someone’s freedom to express their beliefs.

In my mind, the term ‘born-again’ describes those who rediscover Christianity following a break in attending church, perhaps nominally, or for those who had no family ties to church other than child baptism or dedication. True that this may mean they are a bit over-keen just as as ex-smokers experience the benefits of giving up a bad habit can appear overbearing to those who still smoke. They both want to share the joys of a change of lifestyle so that others may also experience it.

I prefer to talk about faith being a spirituality where I consider how I live in the light of what I believe. This spirituality is developed through prayer, worship, meeting and studying The Bible (and don’t go down a steroptypical dead-end here either). My journey started as a conscious decision to trust in something beyond myself. Though not in luck or celestial movements but following a deep personal revelation that God was interested in humanity, even me.

As I share more of how my faith shapes my every-day decisions and how I react to events around me, no doubt I’ll expand on much of the above. In the meantime journey with me.


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