Posted by: Mad Lamb | 08/06/2012

Push-you-pull-me plans ahead.

Life has been interesting (translated as complicted) recently.

We have a tight time-frame for the next stages of our progress towards our future plans. However, the house we thought was sold is now on hold for two weeks or more. On a plus side that gives us some time to find a house and transfer our current mortgage more easily. On the negative side there’s the worry it won’t go through at all.

This puts me back in familiar territory where I’m left wondering if the distruptions to plans are God’s way to challenge me in some way or an attempt of opposition to a significant event.

A recent delve into old Bible study notes suggests that at times when life is tough we should cry out in lament as outlined in many of the the Psalms. I’m not feeling in a ‘why-oh-why’ frame of mind but just trust that our human plans are pliable at the will of the the One we trust that is in control.

For someone who would normally stress out about such delays it feels odd to be so calm.

So how do I shape my prayers? Wailing, whining or wonder? If I choose the wrong one, will there be devastating consequences? Should I try all three just to make sure?


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