Posted by: Mad Lamb | 01/07/2012

On solid rock

After a really efficient hospital visit, I now have a diagnosis: psoriatic arthritis.

There is a long term plan for treatment and I’m genuinely thankful there is way forward. I did pray before the appointment that my symptoms wouldn’t be dismissed or referred elsewhere. For that I am thankful.

However there is a danger to say, science is now in control, who needs God now? I can’t say that as I know that God is interested in science and science is interested in God. Science was started by people trying to work out how God ‘did it’ and still is, though there is now a distance between that motivation.

I have been prescribed steriod treatment in the first instance to deal with the inflamation as quickly as possible – here, here! However I know there are issue about being on steriods. The tablets’ guidance sheet comes with its own I-Spy list of possible side affects that range from hiccups to sudden blindness as well as being told to contact a GP as soon as possible if I start to see things that aren’t really there!

I feel as if I’ve come out from under a cloud and so much more energy than I’ve had in a long time. This morning we sang ‘My hope is built on nothing less’ and more than ever I realise I have been standing on ‘the solid rock’ while world around me has felt like ‘sinking sand.

So my faith in God is not just about a ‘result’ but an on-going  journey. So as with my mention of Joshua in my last post, there is no excuse to stop working through my faith with every step when things are good. Now to look out from just watching my feet and coping from day to day but to see who needs my encouragement as they walk through their desert.


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