Posted by: Mad Lamb | 09/01/2013

New Starts

Since starting this blog, I have wanted to find a way to update it more regularly with short reflections. Something more substantial than a tweet but not as epic as current efforts.

Part of the intention was to be able to reflect promptly on daily readings and sermons. However, by the time I got to a laptop, my deepest thoughts had got lost amongst greater considerations.

Prior to 2013 I invested in a smartphone and downloaded an e-book app and a free version of the Bible – this enabled me to read my Bible on the move more easily. Unfortunately my train journeys were seriously disrupted by lousy weather so any attempt at a routine was scuppered and I drove to work instead.

2013 hasn’t started particularly well but one of my mottoes is to never give up if first efforts fail, especially where New Year Resolutions are concerned. Therefore over week in, I hope to post more regularly with less words.

One of the great prompts to blog regularly is knowing people are reading. Perhaps you already blog on your faith – maybe you use Twitter instead or to post to you blog. Maybe you know a great web site that inspires you. It would be great to hear how other people are connecting with their faith using social media. I’m sure it would be a wonderful encouragement to many to share how you connect to God.



  1. Glad you still blogging. I have had a break but intend to start again. Val Drake

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