Posted by: Mad Lamb | 06/02/2013

Lean not on my own understanding

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; lean not on your own understanding.
Seek His will in all you do and He will direct your paths. (Proverbs 3:5,6)

Reading through my notebook, I see this was on my mind on 31 Dec. It also appeared at church in January when someone reflected on what it means to them.

On Monday I reread my notes and remember that the speaker described ‘your heart’ as including our emotions. As I was writing this in Notepad to include in this blog on the train we were told to disembark as it was cancelled, due to a lack of staff. We needed to make our way quickly to another platform to take a slower train due to depart in the next 5 minutes.

I was wondering if this diversion was going to have some later affect on my desire to seek God’s will or if it was just a case that everything has eternal spiritual significance.

Similarly, after praying about my last blog, where I was angry with another commuter, I became to realise I wasn’t as people-phobic as I had first thought. I now believe my reactions were simply because I needed to be alone. I enjoy being in the outdoors alone as in these spaces I often find a special connection to God and/or a new creativity. However when I am indoors, I create a zone where I can detach from everything around me. Perhaps my prayers should not just focus on curbing a perceived undeserving anger but that I can also find God in the crowd and in the people that cross my path, whether I want them to or not!

Where have you been mistaken in assigning God’s will to an ordinary day?


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