Posted by: Mad Lamb | 14/02/2013

When the good times roll

Reading Exodus 9, I am being reminded that, as Pharoah repented when times were tough but then returned to a hardened heart when the hardship is removed, how easily we too can make promises to God to become new people with new ways if only he changes our fortunes yet when he does we forget to fulfil our vow.

Aware I am waiting to get a more local job to avoid a two-hour each way commute and often think of all the more altruistic things I could do with my time, if I were not on a train or motorway. However, when I have had this time in the recent past I have not sought out ways to selflessly contribute to wider society. I have done some of these things further back in my history so wonder why now I am less likely to get involved in these worthy causes but get caught up in aiming for my own personal goals and ambitions and am frustrated that they come to nothing.

In smaller communities and groups it’s easy to see or hear of a need and address it. However in larger cities it may be necessary to seek out such needs but where to start and how to identify which to be involved in when there are so many calls for help?

How have you got involved with local organisations or support groups? When is it right to look after yourself and when to look to help others? Do tell….


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