Posted by: Mad Lamb | 28/02/2013

More trust and understanding

Having mentioned my quote for the year as ‘Trust in the Lord ….’ I’m on yet another phase of ‘not leaning on my understanding’.

I had been waiting since before Christmas to hear about a job in Bristol that I thought would be a dead cert. The interview was last week and it didn’t go well. Despite having worked for the team before, knowing 90% of the interview panel and thinking I had all the skills required, I didn’t get the job.

I had thought part of the ‘Trusting God’ element was due to finding the current manager difficult to get on with when in team before and there was a different manager. However, after prayer and consideration I committed myself to treating others with more grace and was convinced that would be the reason there was a delay in the post being advertised.

Until today I was in a mire of confusion.

Today I saw another post in the same team advertised that seems more general and permanent -where the last one was fixed-term for three years. They did mention it when I was told I didn’t get the other job but thought they were just being polite.

NOW I understand….providing I get this other job.

God does move in some very peculiar ways sometimes…and that’s no comments on his dancing ability. šŸ˜€


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