Posted by: Mad Lamb | 19/03/2013

Searching for Joy?

Last week our pastor asked us what gives us joy in life now or where did we last experience joy.

Although it sounds very holy, my first thought was of making a decision to follow Christ and the hope and relief it gave me. Not that I haven’t experienced joy since that event 36 years ago but it was what had been put in my mind.

The Pastor then went on to speak of many things including:
not letting the devil steal our joy
not to let fear bind us
nor forget how much God holds us in his hands

With the last example he described how we may feel like a child reaching up for the finger of God to hold on to but God actually embraces us to make us feel secure. This had deep personal meaning for me. When I left home in Scotland for my first ‘real’ job, in London in the mid 1980s, there were times when I felt vulnerable and lonely. At those times I imagined reaching up for God’s finger and at that point I felt reassured that God was watching over me. More recently I have also felt vulnerable but forgot about that wonderful image for reassurance. I felt God was offering me a tenfold reassurance that he had me cupped in his hands.

For the first time in ages, I was blown away by how much I had forgotten about the joy of the salvation of God and how much he cares for me. All my previous postings have been like a journey to this point. In my endeavours to find God and learn to trust in him is almost like being blind to what is in front of you. He has been a constant presence guarding and guiding me yet I struggled to see where I should go and if he approved.

I can’t say I’ll be caught up in a wind of change and run out into the streets to save the world. But I know my redeemer lives and that He is with me. The joy he gave me when I first committed myself to him is renewed and I have to not let that be taken from me and to be ready to give account to all who ask.

The next part of my journey will be finding genuine, non-cringy, ways of sharing that joy with others.

Right, where are those hiking boots….

PS in case you’re trying to find it…

Psalm 51 v12
Restore to me the joy of your salvation,
and uphold me with a willing spirit.


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