Posted by: Mad Lamb | 20/04/2013

Just enough

It has to be said …. I repent…

In the rush to feel sorry for myself and be bitter about opportunities missed, I forgot that the story about Exodus is that God didn’t provide feasts or mansions but just enough. My yearning for manna was a case of being blind to having been given just that.

The current situation is physically and financially tough but, with good stewardship of the resources we have, there is enough to live on. My work may be far away but my current colleagues are fantastic and great fun to be with. My work pressures have lessened and I’ve started to work on projects that challenge and excite me.

With that in mind, I have no reason not to follow the challenge of the prayer of peace and comfort mentioned yesterday. Of course there are times when a little comfort from others is appreciated but this is an opportunity to learn how to rely on God more and to look to share the joy of the salvation I have with others who are struggling or perhaps don’t yet know of the comfort of God.

So please forgive me……and what can I do to help you to feel the blessings of God’s love today?



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