Posted by: Mad Lamb | 13/08/2013

Living by faith

One of my favourite passages from the Bible is from Deuteronomy chapter 30, verses 11 – 20.

Here God lays out the options for the Israelites: Life or death – your choice. He knows that after the pressures of capture and wandering in the desert are over and people are settled in a new land, they will forget their reliance on God. No longer will they cry out for water and food, expecting only Him to provide. They will have food in abundance and will quickly relying on their own toil for provision.

So it can be with us. We have faith in God to provide or travel through a hard time in life but as soon as life is sweet again – where does our faith lie?

Christians often talk about missionaries ‘living by faith’ when they do not have a regular income but rely on God to provide the money for whatever unexpected circumstances arises, from a new car or even just to by food for their families when their basic allowance from supporters doesn’t appear.

This does bring into question for us, living in our self-funded prosperity, how can we ensure we live by faith each day and do not totally rely on what we earn or can achieve?

As part of this, we can give up some of our adundant income in the form of tithe, whether to our church or split among various charities or individuals. Even in these cases do we give from excess or give before we take our share. It is our choice but do we give God what He deserves or what we think we do?

As you can read through this blog, I have struggled to know why God led us to moving home with clear openings for my husband to start his PhD but not provide a new job locally for me. This has frequently brought me to questioned my faith.  Over this time, I been faced with job possibilites with different tenures of permanent or a three year contract. My latest interview was for a job for only twelve months, which seems such a risk.  If this proves successful then could this be a way in which God is drawing me and my husband to rely on him more?

Previously I have dismissed such opportunities as irresponsible,  considering we rely solely on my income. However, as time moves on, the benefits of working nearer where I live become stronger than the desire for permancy.

In additon having felt as if there has been no action from God yet also desiring a closer walk with Him, I’m faced with placing my faith in God for continued work after this short contract when, until now, I’ve not had a job offer after a year of searching.

What is more benefit – to learn to live by faith day by day for every mouthful or to live in adundance and forget how much our God has done for us?

So how much do we put our faith in God when life is good? Can we live by faith even when we don’t have to?

For infomation, I didn’t get offered the job but it has made me question and pray more about seeking only permanent decisions.

What has made you re-think you recently?



  1. Living by faith and living faith-fully, are I think two sides of the same coin, which is that we are called to live out our present in faith that the future to which we have been called will come into being. In other words, our faith drives us to a conviction that the world is not now the way that it should be, and nor is it the way it will be – there is a new world coming into being, and we are called to live the values and principles of that dawning kingdom in the midst of the present. What this can mean for us, of course, is that we may be called sacrifice the securities of this present world – which can mean different things for different people, but certainly might include financial security and career progression. The challenge you raise about the re-focusing of our values away from security and towards faith-full living is really interesting. And yet, and yet… There have been times when I have had ‘only just’ enough money, there have been times when I have had enough money, and there have been times when I have had more than enough money. Living faith-fully in all these circumstances is the challenge. And I wonder how we can help one another live faith-fully whether in want or in plenty?

  2. Indeed! I do believe that we experience times of want to remind us to draw closer to God when in plenty.

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