Posted by: Mad Lamb | 01/01/2014

How long will you persevere

It is common to start the year with high expectations of changing who we are or what we do. However as soon as we trip up on our plans, it seems that we just give up, regardless how long it is that we have tried. Sadly, this is the reason that many decide not to even consider setting New Year resolutions.

I think back throughout my Christian life. If I had given up my faith whenever I failed, I would be in a very different place. My decisions to persevere are based on my belief that the longer-term aim of worshipping God by committing my life to Him is worth more than the weakness of my commitment to the short-term goal. When I look at Romans 5, I am reminded that suffering can often lead to learning how to persevere but, in persevering, we can gain character and hope.

So, like most exercise plans – it seems that we need to press through hard times to gain something worthwhile. And so, if, like me, you are wondering if your planned New Year resolutions were too big or too adventurous for you to achieve, take heart… or if you find you fail tomorrow, next week, next month or even make it through to November, don’t worry about it, keep going. Yes, there may be struggles ahead but there could also be big gains, so persevere and aim for your long-term goal, despite any short-term mishaps.

May 2014 bring you unexpected blessings through perseverance and hopefully not too many struggles.



  1. Thank you Mad Lamb for the reminder to continue pursuing the dreams we believe God has given us. The challenge, for me at least, is to trust Him that those things that appear to “get in the way” may well be part of the bigger picture too. May 2014 be a year of fulfillment and success for you 🙂

  2. 2013 was full of the same for me, so I trust that it will become clearer this year. I wish the same fulfilment and success for you.

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