Posted by: Mad Lamb | 13/01/2014

How long will it last?

First week at work and I’m feeling refreshed after time off over the festive break. I spent most of the time at my parents with a list of activities I planned to do with all the spare time I had, without work or other priorities to think about. The list included exercises from the physio, music theory to learn, papers to sort and some admin to work through. I left time to engage with any Christmas presents such as books to read and intended making a few visits to friends and family too. However, most was left undone. True, I was slightly distracted by the surprise gift of a ukulele?? and enjoyed sleeping in most days but my belief that my busy schedule at home was the reason I never had time to complete the listed tasks were completely blown out of the water.

So with a new week ahead with the same pressures of travel and tiredness as last year, how do I change the prospect of never achieving a slither of my eternal ‘to do’ list, never mind the New Year resolutions? I have identified two actions, so far. 1) prioritise over pressures 2) make thinking time.

At work I often feel I’m running from one task to another, unable to be as creative about solutions as I know I’m capable of. Yet repeatedly, I find that 5 mins thinking time can save 30 mins of running around like a headless chicken and, probably result in a better outcome. So I’ve started the year by setting the alarm 20 mins earlier. This allows me time to wake up more slowly and think about the day ahead before what filling to put in my sandwiches.

Let’s see how long this lasts…



  1. I wish you both peace for the year ahead. Roy

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