Posted by: Mad Lamb | 27/04/2014

Are we there yet?

Three months on and I now have been offered a new job in Bristol. In fact was offered two. It was a strange week in March when, rather than just being thankful for a local job, I had to spend time thinking through the options and making an important decision in a very short period of time.

I start at the end of May and will be grateful for a much shorter commute and being able to stay out after 8:30pm, without worrying if I willl be too tired for the next day at work.  Still, it’s been a hard few months as I’ve been car sharing since the end of January, while train lines were being repaired and later when the line was flooded.

While I was able to share the driving with one of my car-sharers, it has been tough, especially in the first fews weeks when it was dark on both journeys and was often raining. This took its toll on all of us, yet it was more bearable sharing this experience with others. We all rejoiced in the lighter mornings and evenings. Along the way we had some fun discussions as four strangers started to get to know each other better. Even now the trains are back to normal, three of us have decided to continue travelling by car, mainly as it saves a chunk of money compared to travelling by train.

So, in some sense, I will miss my commute and my car-share buddies. Yet I am aware that my desire to work locally has finally come to fruition. Those I share my news with often reflect my own expectation that this will give me extra time to spend on projects at home and to be more sociable on work-nights. However, I know, when this has happended in the past that that reality is often different from our aspirations. I may not have to get up at 5am and be in bed by 9:30pm every work day but I expect as I get up later, I may stay up later too. I may also work a bit later in the office rather than leaving sharply as I do at present to join the car share or catch a train.

I am often reminded that the grass may seem greener on the other side of the fence, but it still needs cut. It is also worth reminding ourselves that whatever circumstances or locations we change, we are the same people, so will likely fall into similar patterns and make similar mistakes.

This is probably why, when setting goals or following New Year resolutions, we fall back into our old habits very eaily.

So I have to acknowledge that my ‘journey’ is not over but has just changed location. While I may not now be spending the majority of my time seeking new employment, I will still need to take regular breaks to consider if I am using my time wisely and on the activities I wish to pursue and that I get the rest that I need to do my job. Perhaps now I just have less excuses why I am not doing this … or perhaps not. That’s when I realise there is along way to go to change unless I put God in the driving seat more often.



  1. This is so true Elaine. The joy of the new is always balanced by a fresh appreciation of what we will lose. Really excited for you re the local job though… 🙂 Inspiring blog post. Thanks.

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