Posted by: Mad Lamb | 23/11/2014

Narrow paths, crossroads and complicated exits

I was contemplating how you explain faith to those who have not experienced it. I’m aware that we often use the images of walking a narrow path to describe a life of faith and of crossroads when we face decisions. The crossroads we first think about are often the four-way junction, where we stop and determine which way to go. However, I have often found that life can be more like the multi-lane intersections, often seen on motorways. There can even be ones that appear to take you off the wrong way and, on the M8, there’s even an exit in the far right lane. These ‘crossroads’ on complex motorway junctions allow no time to stop and ponder, you have to read the signs given in advance, make your decision and move quickly. In these cases, if you make a wrong choice, you often have to travel in the opposite direction for a while before you can return to your intended route. Continuing with the image of a motorway, the narrow path can be seen as the ‘correct lane’ to get to the correct location. With this in mind, Romans 12:2 becomes renewed…. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind … Don’t just follow the traffic – know your destination and be confident about taking exits, even if it seems against all logic. Even in a broad road there are choices to make and sometimes you need to change lanes to a different narrow path. I like the idea that we can travel with others along the busy way of life as we pass at different speeds in our own narrow paths but travelling to different stops to the same, long-term, destination. There is no single route in faith and we have to find what map God has for us, and not to judge others as they make decisions right for them. How do you like to travel?



  1. I like to walk, breathing deeply, but don’t get as much time for it as I would like. Great post Elaine. X

    • Thanks. I’d like everything a bit slower too.

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