Posted by: Mad Lamb | 31/01/2018

Reboot for New Year

What!!? I can hear you ask why I’m still talking about New Year resolutions at the end of January. Surely everyone has given up on them by now.

Earlier in the year, I found a few of my old journals. I was surprised to find that most seemed to have the same goals set in December for the next year. The same ones I have never achieved. Then I thought why are these goals so important that I want to set them but not important enough to focus on throughout the year. After reflection I realised that I often rush headlong from the excess and pressures of Christmas and New Year straight into the panic of setting and adjusting to New Years resolutions. Is it really any wonder why they don’t last?

Recently I was reminded of an analogy doing the rounds of social media accompanied by a picture of a PC. The text says, ‘Everything benefits from a restart, including humans’. As a computer programmer, I am aware of three types of restart. The first is simply to choose the restart option. Here the computer will close down and start up again without intervention. Secondly is a reboot, where you select shutdown and you choose when to restart it. The third is to force a shutdown. This is where the computer has gone feral and doesn’t allow a normal restart or shutdown. This time you have to hold the power button in until the PC gets the message and shuts down fully. On this occasion you may find the first manual restart doesn’t clear all the problems, or creates new ones, and it’s often advisable to give it a controlled reboot.

There are some things the restart won’t fix. The reboot starts from a cleaner position so resets the computer fully. The forced shutdown leave some running processes incomplete, hence why it sometimes needs an additional full reboot.

January may be on its way out but there’s no reason to give up on those desired goals set in December.

Some New Year’s resolutions may be okay to initiate with a restart in January. For others that a quick breath and change in your old habits may not be realistic. Maybe we need to take time in January to check which will need a reboot or a forced shutdown so the planned new life goals can be achieved.



  1. What a great way of looking at it. Yes, no reason at all why we shouldn’t continue working at resolutions throughout the year. I always think that sleep is one of God’s magic ways of rebooting us. And we probably don’t prioitise it enough. Great post Elaine 🙂

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