Back Story

Homes sweet homes

I was born and brought up in the Scottish Borders near a village called West Linton. After leaving Peebles High School, I studied in Edinburgh at what was Napier College of Commerce and Technology (now Edinburgh Napier University), renting a room from a friend who had a flat. I then got my first full-time job in Finchley, London. I initially stayed with family in Essex and then acquired a room in Colindale, later moving to share a house with three girls in Hendon.

I moved to Middlesex in 1988, initially staying in a vacant manse in Teddington and then in a rented room in Hampton. during that time I started work at the National Physical Laboratory working with the National Measurement and Accreditation Service.

When I married in late 1989 our first flat was rented in Feltham, Middlesex. We later moved into our first property in Hanworth, Middlesex. When my husband became lay pastor of a small church we temporarily moved into a flat in Teddington and moved back to the house in Hanworth a few years later. I started work at Kingston University in 1992.

We moved to Bristol in 1999 while my husband studied for a theology degree while I worked at Bath University for 18 months and later for Bristol University. Following his studies we moved to Orkney and I continued working ‘from home’ for the University of Bristol.

In December 2006 we moved to Devon and I continued to work at the University of Bristol until 2010 when I got a job at the University of Exeter.

Now, in 2012, we are on the edge of a new adventure as we seek to return to Bristol while my husband pursues further study. After leaving Bristol the first time we purchased a property in Penicuik which we have sold to acquire a house in Bristol. #

Journey with me as we move through challenging times.

My Header picture

This is made from a repeated photo of a stained-glass sample I made during a workshop on the island of Westray. It’s called ‘On The Edge’ as we often described living there as being on the edge of nowhere. However it was also meant to capture the beauty of the skies and standing stones in Orkney.  I was also going through a time when I felt like walking on a knife-edge and it was good to work with my hands and give the mind a rest.

I always feel on the edge of something or somewhere, often living close to borders between one county or nation and another. Life is never static and I wonder whether I’m on the edge of finding my true self. I hope my journals help me to discover what is a cloak or mask and what is the personality that lurks underneath.


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